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Shipping & Returns

threeDivisions.com ships products worldwide.

Preview of carrier charges

A preview of carrier charges is available through the Shopping Cart. Click the cart items at the top-right of any page to open the Shopping Cart, then click the SHIPPING ESTIMATOR button below the last item in your cart. Lastly, in the pop-up window, enter general address particulars (country & postal code). Approximate delivery times & exact costs to you (if any) are listed in the estimator.

Shipping & Delivery

Currently, threeDivisions.com offers shipping by Canadapost.ca. At checkout, you can select the carrier service that best serves your area. With the exception of international surface options, all purchases are insured for purchase value, so if your delivery is lost or damaged in transit, it's lost value is replaced without cost to you. You can track your delivery using the tracking number provided in the email you receive at the time we ship your order.

As threeDivisions.com works to establish a clear relationship with commercial carriers, each carrier in turn will be added to the shipping offering. For now, we offer Canadapost.ca because it's comparatively easy to use, has competitive rates especially for smaller shipments, & Customers have not yet reported any unpleasant surprises on delivery.

NOTE 1A. For any order with a value over CDN$1,000.00 equivalent: threeDivisions.com may opt to use a recognized commercial national / international carrier as necessary to ensure the order is fully insured above this threshold amount. There is no additional charge to the Customer, neither for shipping via a commercial carrier nor for the increase in insurance; however, the amount you pay to the carrier on delivery for fees may change. Please read "Accepting delivery" below.

NOTE 1B. Canadapost.ca offers shipping options which do not provide parcel tracking or insurance. Therefore, CUSTOMERS WHO CHOOSE UNTRACKED SHIPPING, INCLUDING Small Packet - International Surface, Small Packet - International Air, International Parcel - Surface, & other international surface offerings, ARE NOT COVERED BY SHIPPING INSURANCE IN THE EVENT THE PURCHASE IS LOST IN TRANSIT.

threeDivisons.com offers these untracked & uninsured services but does not recommend them; smaller-value shipments tend to be small & more easily lost, and larger-value shipments while not so easy to lose demand tracking & insurance as a matter of course.

Accepting delivery

Before accepting delivery of your order, check the shipping carton for damage incurred while in transit. Scuffing of the exterior paper skin of the carton is acceptable of course as is a small amount of tearing on the exterior skin & minor bumping of the corners. A good rule of thumb: if YOU can't easily repack & reuse the shipping carton to return an item to us, then something's gone wrong in transit & you should pay close attention to your delivery. Please read "Returning Damaged Items" below.

Open the carton with care; if there is a problem with your order you have a box to repack & return it in. If opening from the top, here's what you should see:
  1. a copy of your invoice
  2. a packing slip identifying the contents of the carton
  3. optionally, a printed JPEG showing your order contents in the carton just before sealing for shipping (some orders don't benefit from this printout; you'll know those orders when you open them)
  4. sometimes (when irregularly available as test printouts from our graphic artist) you may find R-C antennae labels, 4x2" cards, 5x3" glossies, etc.

Use the invoice & packing slip to confirm that everything is there; use the JPEG to confirm that the condition of your order is the same as when shipped. Use the "shipping bling" at your discretion.

NOTE 2. For international Customers (non-Canadian destinations): the commercial & customs documentation for your order is printed on the address label.

NOTE 3. Also for international Customers (non-Canadian destinations): ANY CARRIER RESERVES THE RIGHT TO LEVY ADDITIONAL CHARGES FOR DUTY ASSOCIATED WITH THE DESTINATION COUNTY AS WELL AS CHARGES FOR BROKERAGE FEES THAT ARE DETERMINED BY THE CARRIER FOR BOTH THE IMPORTATION SERVICES RENDERED & THE FILING OF DOCUMENTS REQUIRED TO COLLECT SAID DUTY. To avoid uncertainty & miscommunication upon delivery, if you are required to pay for duty & brokerage, please observe the following:

  1. "DUTY" is the amount paid to your national government to recover for the most part local sales taxes; for this reason, threeDivisions.com does not (& is not required to) collect sales tax on orders placed from international (non-Canadian) destinations.
  2. "BROKERAGE" is the process that the carrier uses to represent your interests during importation through customs; the carrier levies "BROKERAGE FEES" to pay for expenses it may incur to broker your shipment (file documents & collect duty).
  3. A carrier representative may require you to assign such payments to threeDivisions.com (either by assigning the cheque as payable to threeDivisions.com or requesting payment in cash).
  4. Upon accepting delivery, you are not required to assign any amount to threeDivisions.com for localized duty &/or brokerage fees; these payments should be directed by name to the carrier. However, the carrier representative may insist upon assignment to threeDivisions.com before surrendering the package to you & so to complete delivery you are required to comply.
  5. threeDivisions.com does not receive any such amounts collected by the carrier from international (non-Canadian) Customers upon delivery, subsequently or otherwise; threeDivisions.com therefore cannot reimburse Customers for these amounts.
  6. If you are required to pay duty & brokerage fees upon delivery, regardless of the assignment of such payment, ALWAYS obtain a signed receipt in hard copy (not solely electronic) from the carrier representative.
  7. threeDivisions.com does not offer a C.O.D. service; Customers are never required to pay for such a service on delivery.

NOTE 3a. threeDivisions.com does not condone the carrier practice of assigning duty & brokerage fee payments to the on-line retailer. Regardless of reasons a carrier may eventually offer, this practice deflects responsibility for the charge (AND the potential customer ill-will that results) from the carrier who determines & raises the levy to the on-line retailer who doesn't control the levy at all. threeDivisions.com tends to place such carriers on a low or "non-essential" priority, for both incoming & outgoing shipments, while recognizing that they are a fact of daily business.


You must Contact Us to receive an RMA before returning any item. threeDivisions.com does not accept delivery of items returned by Customers without an RMA.

When contacting us about your return, please provide your order number in the subject line.

All returns must be properly packaged & addressed using the label provided by threeDivisions.com.

All return shipments must be traceable through the return carrier within 30 calendar days of delivery to & acceptance by you.

NOTE 4. Also for international Customers (non-Canadian destinations): if your return is for reimbursed payment, you may be eligible for a return from the carrier of any duty you paid when accepting delivery (but generally not the brokerage fees). Contact the carrier's Customer Service for specifics. For orders shipped by Canadapost.ca, contact your national post office.

Returning damaged items

You should never receive a product from threeDivisions.com that is damaged. So we'd like to believe, since there's no point to sending a you an obviously damaged item— "as-is" items excepted. So if one or more of your purchases is damaged when you receive it, it's because of
  1. mishandling while in transit
  2. a manufacturer's defect, not visible prior to assembly

Both of which are uncommon.

Shipping damage is almost always evident by the condition of the shipping carton. Should you receive a damaged shipment, think of these guidelines:
  1. Accept a shipment damaged in transit only provided the carton's condition is ACCURATELY & CLEARLY noted on ALL copies of the signed waybill, your copy included. Then, if after accepting & opening the carton there is damage to the contents, you have a record with the carrier who can reimburse the value assessed as damaged.
  2. DO NOT OPEN kits of other sealed products that have been damaged in transit; doing so nullifies your claim with the carrier.
  3. Sign for receipt of the package without annotation when you are comfortable that the contents are in acceptable condition.

Remember, a damaged shipment is uncommon; but if it happens, contact the carrier immediately at the contact point printed on the shipping label; you may also be required to access shipping details online. If you delay, the carrier will tend to delay as well. & if you believe that threeDivisions.com can assist you, please use our Contact Us page to send a message.

A manufacturer's defect is usually evident after you've started the build, always inconveniently, & usually putting a stop to the build! Thankfully, modern production, QA, & packaging technologies make such defects very rare. Otherwise, hobbyists who maintain stashes, some extensive, & even those who collect, some extensively, would find purchasing with any level of certainty nearly impossible.

But if you DO uncover a defect, use our Contact Us page to email the details of the defect to the Service Manager, who will find the simplest (fastest) way to keep your build going. The SM can usually send a replacement part, or sprue, or anything else that is defective. Correcting for defects in older kits (that is, those late in the production cycle or just out of production) may not be so straight forward, but we can always sort out a remedy. Note that defects in some kits may require a kit substitution or a refund (meaning: you might lose your build in progress).

You can also contact the manufacturer. The well-established manufacturers often have a toll-free telephone number, others require that you email or contact them by mail. Manufacturers send you replacement parts directly. For defects in older kits, threeDivisions.com usually ends up contacting the manufacturer; it's a next to last resort.

Returning incorrect items

At times, we goof & send an item that is different from the one that appears on your invoice. There's no particular reason for this goof to happen, just that it does happen, but happily only on a rare & random occasion. So if you do receive the wrong item in one of your orders, you'll need to contact us for an exchange of the incorrect for the correct item.

& you have our apologies up-front.

Use our Contact Us page to email the details of the mix-up to the Order Clerk, who will send to you by email
  1. a pre-paid address label for return shipping, including the RMA number
  2. a toll-free number to call when you have the package ready for pickup

at the point where the carrier delivered it to you initially. Please follow any instructions the Order Clerk provides in the email to ensure prompt return of the incorrect item. You'll need a printer to print the RMA, address label, & waybill; if you don't have one, let us know when you first contact us regarding the return & we'll mail hard copy documents to your billing address as recorded on account.

See also "Repacking for returns" below.

Once the item you're returning is in transit with the carrier & can be tracked, we'll ship the correct item promptly. Including a 5% discount coupon for your next purchase as (hopefully) some recompense for our delays & your trouble with the order.

Returning unopened items

If you change your mind, you can return an item for a refund of the item's purchase price. The item must be unopened (manufacturer's wrap &/or seal intact), & undamaged: that is, suitable for re-sale. Note, however, that we levy a 12.5% restocking charge; for more information, read further down.

Use our Contact Us page to email the "RMA Clerk", who is actually the Order Clerk with an extra email account. On receiving your email, the Order Clerk will send you the following:
  1. an address label for return shipping, including the RMA number
  2. a toll-free number to call to arrange for pick-up or drop-off at the point where the carrier delivered it to you

Please follow any instructions the Order Clerk provides in the email to ensure prompt return of the item. You'll need a printer to print the RMA, address label, & waybill; if you don't have one, let us know on first contact regarding the return & we'll mail hard copy documents to your billing address as recorded on account.

You are required to pay the costs of return shipping. See also "Repacking for returns" below.

When you return an item because of a change of mind, threeDivisions.com refunds to you the purchase price of the item less a 12.5% restocking charge; this charge partially covers packaging & handling both when initially shipping the item to you & when receiving the item back for restocking. Shipping charges, if any, are not refunded. We process your refund as soon as we receive the returned item in good order (manufacturer's wrap &/or seal intact).

If the manufacturer's wrap &/or seal is not intact upon receipt at threeDivisions.com, your refunded amount will be further discounted by 5-15%, depending on extent, to compensate for a price reduction for clearance in our AS IS category. So, if this is the case with your return, you should expect an additional charge applied against your refund. Pretty much like a brick & mortar. In these cases (as in "you've opened the lid just before realizing you'd already built the model 10 years before!"), many Customers tend to keep such items as stash & bash.

AS IS products are not returnable.

Please note that contacting us through the means described above always helps expedite returns & refunds.

Repacking for returns

To return one or more items, here are some repacking tips depending on the contents of the package.
  1. Return products in the carton we packed & shipped them in.
  2. Cover or remove any old labels; covering is better than removing which can damage the carton.
  3. If the carton is now too large (if it's a return of a partial order), cut the carton corners just enough to fold the sides inward with the product held snugly inside.
  4. Use 5cm/2in PVC packing tape to seal the carton securely. Tape is available for sale at most post office retail outlets & office supply retailers.

IMPORTANT. All returns MUST be accompanied by the label that we provide to address the package back to threeDivisions.com. If you've accidentally deleted it or misplaced it, return email the RMA Clerk who will send out a copy. Here's our Contact Us page.

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