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21st Century Toys NOS

A while back, threeDivisions.com followed up a lead on a collector's sale & acquired a limited number of new old stock (NOS) items manufactured by 21st Century Toys. The items were being sold as a block, with just over half as NOS in sealed retail packaging & the remainder opened & assembled with neither packaging nor instructions.

All are from the 1:18-scale series known as "The Ultimate Soldier XD Xtreme Detail". Well, compared to similar toys manufactured up to the end of the 1990's, they were.

While threeDivisions.com does not include toys or even replicas per se as part of planned inventory, we couldn't resist offering the NOS portion of this block to our Customers— even if they had been sight unseen! We received the NOS items wrapped & sealed in green & white plastic, & on removing the wrapping ... well, despite the obvious design & production flaws that 21st Century Toys is known for, they just looked soooo cooool!!

NOS products included in the block: 2x Tiger I, 1x Panther, 1x Sherman, 3x Sd.Kf2, 1 M3A1, 1x kubelwagen, 1x Willys jeep, 2x Corsair F4U-1D, & 1x Stuka. The packaging for each individual replica is in pretty good shape (rubbed here & there, etc), & without breaking the seals for a close inspection, the contents appear perfectly intact- nothing broken, nothing missing, nothing loose. From both the sale description provided to us & the dates on the packaging, these examples are from the years 2000 & 2001.

We have bundled the vehicles as bundles of 2 or 3 items, with 1 of each package available. Each promotes a combat theme, the office favourite being #4, "Panzer Commander" (although Package #1, "US 4th Armored: name enough" came a very close second). The aircraft are offered for sale separately.

Please note: As these items are NOS, threeDivisions.com cannot provide a warranty or a return policy. All sales of 21st Century Toys are unconditional & final. We've done our best to ascertain (short of unsealing the packaging) that all items & bundles offered are in excellent retail condition; the manufacture "palette-ized" each item inside the packaging & all interior holding straps are still in place & snug. We're confident they'll pass muster, even for collectors.

Oh, & you can probably figure what happened to the open items of the block: adorning our cabinet tops, serving as subjects for our own DLC, machine smurf targets, bash experiments, potential spares, etc. etc. etc.

21st Century Toys Corsair "F4Y-1D" US Navy with 1 figure, 1:18 scale, #10127n
This replica shows livery & markings for the Corsair "F4Y-1D" combat...


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21st Century Toys Package #1, "US 4th Armored": name enough, 1:18 scale
Willys. Sherman. Half-track. No other vehicles characterize so well the...


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21st Century Toys Package #2, "Panzergrenadier Großdeutschland", 1:18 scale
Even though Panther 413 was last seen flipped over in Belgium early 1945 &...


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21st Century Toys Package #3, "Schwere Panzer Abteilung", 1:18 scale
This package includes the two vehicles the typify the heavy tank...


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21st Century Toys Package #4, "Panzer Commander", 1:18 scale
Kubelwagen & Tiger I. Two German-engineered vehicles that together make a...


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