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About Us

Please note: threeDivisions.com is presently off-line. Below is the original text.

threeDivisions.com offers an online selection of display models, radio-controlled kits, detailing kits, & accessories (at what we believe are the most reasonable prices on & off the net) while maintaining as personalized a shopping experience as the net allows. Our goal is to provide one-stop online shopping, through which you
  1. select models to purchase
  2. decide on detailing to finish your kits
  3. find tools, paints, & supplies to top up your workbench as needed
  4. browse reference books & our social media pages to research your modelling goals
  5. network with others sharing similar (or, for variety of perspective, dissimilar) interests & experiences

We're not quite there yet, but we're working on it. We believe you'll let us know when we DO get there.

In the meantime...

Open an Account. With or without a purchase. Like any good online store, threeDivisions.com provides the account free of charge, & includes some basic benefits. A Customer Account means that you are known to the site, & have registered basic identity & shipping information. Using your account allows the Site to provide more-personalized product information, such as shipping rates, automatic field entries, & so on.

Browse our inventory. We are continually expanding or adjusting the mix of products we offer. If there's something in any manufacturer's current catalog that we don't have listed (even for manufacturer's we don't list just now), let us know through our Contact Us page. If our suppliers have the product listed as current, we'll also list it; if the product is available, we'll bring it into inventory.

Please note that if the stock quantity for a product is zero, you can still order it. In all likelihood, threeDivisions.com already has the item on order (or back order). Remember, though, that manufacturers often reassign production ressources, so that products in a current catalog may be temporarily unavailable.

Flip through our social media. We're adding material to our media sites regularly: this year, we're focusing on engineering trivia, discussion, even some DLC off-&-on (threeDivisions.com creates its own DLC & so owns the copyright & can offer it free to all). Naturally, our DLC is virus-free.

Ask us a question ... any question. Perhaps on a point of assembly, or finishing, or the livery of a car or truck, or the tactical markings of armed forces from many countries throughout history, even the context of a diorama. If you think we can help, drop us an email at our Contact Us page. We're happy to do what we can.

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